Are You Earning What You Are Worth?

This Friday is Writers Worth Day, a celebration of the importance of placing an appropriate value on the work you do. The annual event was created by writer Lori Widmer, and she gives the background and details on her blog.

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10 responses to “Are You Earning What You Are Worth?

  1. It’s a clogged entertainment business, so writers do have to “pay their dues”. This means not getting top dollar for their first books, most of the time. I tend to focus a lot of time building my resume with short fiction. It never pays as well anyway, and a bunch of short stories can really reach a lot of people and build buzz around an author.

  2. Good topic. I’m actually trying not to think of my book in terms of monetary value, but rather see it as a vehicle to help others. That way, if I touch someone with my writing, I consider myself successful. It’s not based on how much I will earn. Making a contribution to someone else brings value to my life.


  3. Jennifer Roland

    Very good point. I come from a magazine background, so I think in terms of magazines and freelancing. I’m slowly shifting my mind to the world of fiction writing.

    In both worlds, though, starting small and working bigger is smart. In magazines, you wold start with local publications and short pieces, working your way up to regionals and finally nationals. In fiction, you start with short stories in small periodicals/anthologies, working your way up to larger publications and then books.

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