Cool Tools

These are the three things I can’t live without.

1. Google Reader

I feel like I’m a little late to this game, but I’m absolutely in love with Google Reader. It’s free, and it gathers all of the blogs I follow into one handy place that I can read no matter which computer I’m working on.

It automatically gathered the blogs I followed in Blogger, and it lets me easily add new blogs I come across

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6 responses to “Cool Tools

  1. You know, I just got into blogging myself, and haven’t quite been able to figure out google reader, it seems good, but everytime I try to use it wants to log me into an account not attached to my blog and I can’t figure out how to delete it.

    I am so with you with number two, I use that all the time. The text messaging yourself an idea is a great idea, if you have a full keyboard. Personally, I try to keep a notebook handy, for when that sudden inspiration hits, but I sure could have used the phone yesterday.

    The only tool, I can really think of to add is music, 99% of the time I put some kind of music on in the background before I begin writing anything.

    • Jennifer Roland

      You caught me. I do have a full QWERTY keyboard on my phone, so texting is easy.

      I’m a fan of music, too. In fact, one of the tips Laura Whitcomb gives in her book Novel Shortcuts is to create a soundtrack to get you quickly in the mood for your current project.

  2. I always keep a notebook handy, but I’m also a big fan of GMail’s drafts feature. I’ve got 27 drafts now, most of them writing-related: plot ideas, brainstorming, lists of names for characers I may want to use, lists of agents I’ll want to query for specific novels, back-ups of novel files, names of actresses/models who act as a good visual representation of characters I have in mind, research-related links… It saves immediately and I can access it from every computer. It’s golden.

    • Jennifer Roland

      Cory, Great tip. I also have a few gmail drafts saved. Google offers so many great tools, it’s no wonder they are taking over the world!

  3. Haha, yeah. Google really is aren’t they?

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